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?Who Are We

Gordon College of Education, Haifa Israel

The Gordon College of Education in Haifa, established in 1953, is one of the oldest teacher training institutions in Israel and has been training K-12 teachers for more than 55 years. The college offers courses of study leading to a teaching certificate, B.Ed., and M.Ed. degrees.
Gordon College Gordon College is a true microcosm of multi-cultural Haifa. The demographic make-up of both the academic staff and the student body include ethnic and minority groups who live in the area. Gordon College's multi-facet approach to cultural diversity and multicultural education within the college provides a model worthy of following in the field of teacher training and research.Gordon College's urban campus is centrally located on Mt. Carmel and offers a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. In its many years of existence, it has trained and certified thousands of teachers for the Hebrew and Arabic educational sectors of Israeli Society.
Gordon is proud that many of its graduates include educational researchers, school principals, and senior positions within the educational system in Israel and abroad.

The study program at Gordon College provides its student body with an in-depth knowledge of their chosen major, an understanding of the scientific and philosophical fundamentals of the educational process, and focuses on the nurturing the development of the teacher within each individual. Beginning in their freshman year, every student at Gordon College accrues practical teaching experience which enables them to deal with real-time teaching situations where they can apply their theoretical knowledge to real teaching.
Gordon College
Approximately 2,000 students enjoy the pleasant, centrally located, and easily accessible campus. Gordon is proud of its comprehensive library containing 86,000 books, hundreds of education-related periodicals, and access to website journals and research search sites, a modern sports facility, learning centers, a pedagogical center for the preparation of didactic material, advanced computer laboratories, and a spacious cafeteria.
Gordon's 220 members of the academic staff at the College, in addition to their teaching responsibilities, also engage in research, writing curricula, and developing innovative new educational concepts. Gordon College's academic staff, includes some of the best and innovative educational leaders in the country.

B. Ed. and Teaching Diploma Study Options

Gordon College offers several teacher-training programs:
bul5_3 Pre-school (from newborn to 6 years of age)
bul5_3 Early Childhood Education (ages 5-8) for Bible studies, Literature and Mathematics
bul5_3 Special Education program for ages 6-21. This program includes a special option for teaching the hearing-impaired.
bul5_3 Elementary and Junior high school Certification for teaching Bible Studies, Literature, English (EFL), Mathematics
bul5_3 Elementary School Programs for Science and Druze Heritage

M.Ed. Programs

Gordon College of Education offers several graduate programs that lead to Degrees in Masters of Education (M.Ed.). Three programs are presently approved by the Israeli Council for Higher Education. Two hundred and twenty graduate students are currently enrolled in one of our three programs.

The first program which was accredited in 2005 is "Teaching, Learning and Instruction". The program is trains teachers to serve as instruments of change within the school system. The second program, accredited in 2007, is "Educational Leadership and Administration". This program prepares teachers and principals for senior administrative and top positions within Israel's Educational System.

The third program, accredited in 2009 is "Inclusive Education". The Israeli Special Education Law from 1988 requires integrating and including students with special needs in regular classes (mainstreaming). This M.Ed program focuses on issues and models relating to inclusive education.

Gordon College also offers continuing education for teachers. These programs include: School Principal Training Course (with certification) and a Retraining Course for academics to become certified as teachers; In addition, certification and diplomas are provided in areas such as: didactic analysis in Hebrew and in English; educational training to work with gifted pupils; librarianship and information management studies; Teaching English translation (for qualified English teachers); and Logo-therapy.

Pre-academic - Pedagogic Preparatory Course

Gordon College offers an academic preparatory course which provides students with an additional opportunity to complete or improve their educational standing prior to beginning their academic course of study at the College. This course is aimed primarily at soldiers who have recently completed their compulsory military service, civilians who have completed national service, and students from the Druze and Arab community who lack the academic qualifications required for enrollment as a matriculated student at an academic college of education.

Research Activities

Many of the senior academic staff at Gordon College are involved in research. These studies include a wide range of applied studies that target specific needs and challenges within schools and the classroom. The results of these studies are published annually in a research report - Teacher Training Studies and Research- issued by the College. This report is also presented at the annual research conference hosted by the College, as well as at international conferences in Israel and abroad.


Gordon College - Conferences
Every year, Gordon College holds five national conferences in five of its areas of expertise:
bul5_3 Giftedness and Excellence
bul5_3 The Brain, the Learning Process and Learning Difficulties
bul5_3 Discipline in Education
bul5_3 Education in a Multi-Cultural Society
bul5_3 Pre-School Education
These conferences are held in high regard by researchers and educators throughout Israel.

Development of Innovative Curriculum

The teaching staff at the College initiates and develops innovative projects for the education system. One example is the Teleprocessing Learning Simulation Project which uses advanced technology that was developed by the staff, where the student-teachers view initiated classroom events that are staged and filmed. These events are then analyzed according to models which they have learned.
Another innovative program, developed by the staff of the science department is a study unit; Children Research their Environment which integrates science and technology research skills in a user-friendly computerized laboratory.


Learning Centers

Special Education Center

In keeping with the humanistic outlook which is an integral part Gordon College's Creed, the Special Education Center initiates, develops and participates in unique programs for the community of special-needs, in Israel and abroad, in order to help each individual realize his or her full potential.

Partnership with an Education Center in the Ukraine

Since 2002, the Special Education Department at Gordon College has been participating in a tri-city project between the cities of Boston, Haifa and Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) in which Gordon College's faculty provide professional training for the staff at the Educational Resource Center (ERC) for Special Education at the College of Beit Chana. Every year, two delegations of Gordon College educators travel to the ERC in order to advise and train its teachers and staff with modern pedagogical methods in special education. The training process includes providing the ERC staff with educational-therapeutic tools as well as translating and preparing professional material in Russian. In addition, over the year, monthly video conferences maintain the continuity of the methods and approaches which Gordon College's staff has presented to the ERC. This project is supported by the Combined Jewish Philanthropists (CJP) and Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Boston (JF&CS).

College for Special Needs Adults

Gordon College actively promotes the integration of adults with special needs into the community through offering special classes and courses for young adults with special needs. The goal of this special framework is to improve the quality of life for people with special needs. For many young adults with special needs, their education is stopped at the age of 21 (the age of required education for this group). Gordon College, by making this framework available, provides an opportunity for young adults with special needs to continue their education with the aim of helping them acquire a profession and the ability to earn a living.

Puppet Theater - Joint Project with the Special Education Students

Gordon College - puppet Theater Students of the Special Education Department, together with pupils who attend a school for special education school, jointly create, develop and present a puppet theater. The goal of this project is to provide Gordon College's students with a unique set of creative tools that can be used when working with children with special needs. Every year this group puts on a puppet show which is shown a various schools and in malls in the Haifa area. Together, Gordon College's students and the children with special needs design and draw the stage set, create and operate the puppets and chose the music background for the play. While Gordon College's students are the mentors, the pupils with the special needs are the actual puppeteers and perform the theatre.

Center for the Promotion of Giftedness and Excellence

For the last ten years, Gordon College has operated a Center for the Promotion of Giftedness and Excellence in children. The staff at this center train teachers to work with gifted children. The Center also offers over the academic year, a weekly enrichment program for more than 450 gifted children from grades 4 through 6. The gifted children who participate in this program represent all sectors of Israeli society in the Haifa area, including the secular and religious sectors, children of new immigrants, Arabs and Druze.

The Multicultural Educational Resource Center (MERC)

The Multicultural Educational Resource Center (MERC) was the first center of this kind to be established at a College of Education in Israeli in 1997. The main objectives of MERC are aimed at training teachers and developing educational programs which promote pluralistic values based on mutual respect and understanding, and enhance attitudes of tolerance and coexistence among different cultural, ethnic, religious and secular groups in Israel. In addition, MERC's staff develops and implements community and educational programs aimed at enhancing tolerance and respect among children enrolled in different educational systems. MERC's programs includes various courses that relate to multicultural education and the cultural diversity training of teachers, research, community projects in Hebrew and Arabic speaking schools that promote tolerance and understanding between different ethnic groups, a mentoring program for Ethiopian children, assisting the special educational project in the Ukraine with the Gordon College's Special Education Department, and conferences and workshops. Each student at Gordon College must participate in at least one course offered by MERC in order to receive their academic degree. Internationally, the Center is held in high esteem and delegations from all over the world come to Gordon College to learn more about MERC. MERC's projects have received support from outside sources that have include The Greater Miami Jewish Federation, The Jewish Family and Children Services of Boston, the UJA Federation of New York, the Haifa - Boston Connection, The Abraham Fund and UNESCO Schools of Israel.

Examples of MERC's activities and programs are:

1. Religious - Secular Dialogue
In light of the polarization between different sectors of Israeli society, and because of the important role played by teachers in promoting tolerance, Gordon College together with the religious Shaanan College offer a course on the Religious - Secular Dialogue. Both religious and secular Jews participate in this course which strives to prepare the students from both Colleges and from both sectors, to enter into a process of dialogue and discussion that will be based on mutual respect and tolerance.
2. Developing Educational Material and Implementing them in schools
MERC has supported the development or publication of educational material dealing with different topics on multicultural education. Some of these materials area also translated to Arabic. MERC supports a program "Footsteps in the Grass" that promotes tolerance through the development of emotional intelligence. This program, which is an allegory for social issues typically found in a multi-cultural society, has been implemented in over 20 Hebrew and Arabic speaking schools throughout Israel.
3. Mentoring Program for Ethiopian Children
In partnership with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Gordon College is participating in a community project which mentors Ethiopian elementary school children in several schools in Pardess Hanna. The aim of this program is to nurture the development of self-esteem and confidence among the children through strengthening their academic learning tools.

Center for Teaching English

The Center for Teaching English provides resources and professional training in English for students and faculty members. These resources include extensive didactic and theoretical material. A variety of teaching methods are used in the Center and includes voice and video recordings the use of computers and using pictures and games for teaching English as a second language.

Math Education Center

The Math Center offers a rich and diverse mathematical environment which includes materials and various teaching aids that serve the special didactic and pedagogic needs of the math instructors for all ages. The Center is involved in developing special programs that provide creative ways of teaching mathematics, such as The Mathematical Tour and the Mathematical Journey in the Footsteps of Jules Verne. Every year, the faculty members together with the students hold special activity days where they demonstrate innovative and unique methods for teaching mathematics that they have developed. The goal of this center is to expose school pupils to creative and non-standard activities that can be used to teach different aspects of mathematics.

Reading and Language Education Center

The Prof. Dina Feitelson Reading and Language Education Center focuses on increasing awareness and knowledge in different literacy-related areas. The Center provides guidance for student teachers taking their "first teaching steps" in schools and also has special research projects. Every year prizes donated by the Feitelson Family are awarded to the most outstanding projects.

Pedagogic Center

Gordon College - Pedagogic Center   The Pedagogic Center contains all the teaching resources that have been collected, acquired or created over the years by the College's teaching staff and are now available for both the students and the teaching staff to use. The Center also provides electronic audio and visual aids, and teaches and advises on the development of teaching aids.

Maintaining the Memory of the Holocaust

Maintaining the Memory of the Holocaust
Gordon College believes in the importance of commemorating the memory of the Holocaust and to ensure that our future educators have the pedagogical tools to teach children of all ages about this tragic historical chapter of human history. In addition to an annual exhibition commemorating the memory of the Holocaust, Gordon College runs several courses and workshops each year about the Holocaust for in-service and pre-service educators. Gordon College's staff are innovative leaders in developing programs and pedagogical methods for teaching about the Holocaust to children of all ages and of different abilities, including children with special needs. Every year, a group of Gordon College's students (Jewish, Christian, Moslem and Druze) participate in an educational journey to Poland. On this educational journey, the students come face-to-face with the horrors of the concentration camps and ghettos and are exposed to the appalling events that Jewish People experienced during WWII. The College helps fund the students' trip together with other organizations, including a generous grant from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc., which also supports Gordon College's other diverse and extensive Holocaust educational programs.

Adler Institute for Leadership and Coaching

The Adler Institute at Gordon College offers a three year Leadership and Coaching course for in-service educators or professionals who can receive training and certification to become Group Leaders (Coaches) for parents, couples and elderly support groups, according to the Adler Method of Coaching.


Contributing to the Community

Because of its humanistic world-view and its belief in the importance of teachers being involved and giving back to the community, Gordon College actively encourages students to participate in a range of volunteer activities. Every year, each student at the College is required to select one of a range of volunteer activities within the community such as:

Mentoring Disadvantaged Pupils

Students who choose to participate in this project, work with children and teens from underprivileged neighborhoods to help them realize their potential. The ultimate goal of this program is to reduce the educational and socio-economic gap in Israel.

Student Involvement in Field Work for Women's Rights in Haifa

In the context of Gordon College's Gender and Women's Studies Program, female students can volunteer to work in field work for Women's Rights in Haifa and in organizations working towards the improvement of the position of disadvantaged women. The project is partially funded by the Academic Partnership - Community for Social Change and by the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Assistance for School Pupils Struggling with their Studies

All students at the College volunteer in the schools where they are getting their practical teaching experience. The students help pupils who are struggling in certain academic areas and those who are having difficulties fitting in socially. New immigrant children and those with special needs also receive additional assistance.
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