Ilan ABecassis Ph.D | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך
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2009 Ph.D in Biblical studies. Ben Gurion University (Political assassinations in Ancient Near East).
2004  Certified teacher. Oranim College.
1999 M.A in Biblical studies. Hebrew University (Mercenaries in Israel in Biblical era).
1994 B.A in Biblical studies and Archaeology.
Positions In And Out Of Gordon College
  Organizer of departmental tours  
  Podcaster of 'Chronicles - Podcat about ancient Nesr East'  
Areas Of Expertise And Interest  
  Ancient Near East History  
  Historiography, literature and the relations between them.  
  in Biblical times Ideology and Thought  
Key Publications  
Abecassis I. "He put to the sword all his brothers (II Chr 21, 4)
2015  Biblische Notizen


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