Community Programs | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך

Hiring employees with Special Needs- GACE has built a successful special needs
program, in collaboration with Beit Ekstein, Shiluvim, and AKIM which integrates
special needs employees at GACE according to their individual skills. The employees
are integrated according to a special hiring model which includes supportive staff,
a stable management framework, a clear routine, and warm personal assistance
from their supervisors. The employees share the same rights and responsibilities
as all GACE employees. They partake in training sessions, team building days, and
festivities at the college, and everyone benefits from their special personalities and
skills as equal employees. GACE also offers a variety of courses and training for
people with special needs in subjects like: journalism, creative writing, animal care,
and computer technician training.

HuGordon offers extracurricular activities for outstanding and gifted students
who wish to expand their horizons, learn new subjects, and experience a fun and
challenging learning environment. The classes for 3rd-6th grade pupils are taught both
by teaching professionals as well as gifted students. HuGordon operates according
to the vision of the Ministry of Education’s Department for Gifted and Outstanding
Pupils, with the aim of fostering ethical, proactive, creative, and socially involved
pupils. The center fosters multi-directional creative thinking among the pupils, and
works to enrich them on various and challenging topics in the sciences, arts, and
humanities, which are not available to pupils at school. The program is attended by
pupils from the secular, religious, and Arab sectors who come to take classes in
numerous subjects, such as: aviation and space, medicine, website construction,
computer game development and digital animation, law, journalism, fundamentals
of photography, architecture, theater, and more.


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