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Educators of the 21st century are not only tomorrow’s leaders in education, but key social agents in promoting democratic values, equality, human rights, and leading the fight against racism.   Tomorrow’s educators have the crucial job of mentoring the next generation and ensuring that these important values are those that our future citizens and leaders build on for their vision for our society.  




Gordon Academic College of Education of Haifa aims to establish a multimedia center that will promote these values
Gordon Academic College of Education of Haifa is the frontrunner in Israel in promoting these values.  Its involvement in educational issues relevant in today's global society is reflected in the leadership role it has taken in initiating and leading an European Commission TEMPUS project that promotes a dynamic program for teacher training in multicultural education


. The program, called DOIT  (Development of an International Model for Curricular Reform in Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training), unites 100 professionals in 21 academic institutions in 7 countries worldwide in sharing the vision of the important role of academic institutions in educating towards the promotion of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect between diverse ethnic, cultural and religious groups.


DOIT is a selected Project for the TEMPUS IV Fifth Call of the European Commission and is a three year program

that began in October 2012

DOIT enhances the quality of education in participating Israeli and Georgian Higher Educational Institutions by:
•Designing, piloting and implementing curricular reform which promotes Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training
•Facilitating the exchange and sharing of knowledge among professionals involved in education.

DOIT's principal multi-dimensional program includes design, piloting and integrating into the curriculum of participating universities and colleges in Israel and Georgia. 

DOIT's program also includes:
•Activities outside of the classroom for students which promote inter-cultural relations
•Interactive website and portal,
•A quality assurance plan and implementation;
dissemination of the program

•Piloted programs will be integrated into the curriculum of the Israeli and Georgian participating universities and colleges that specialize in teacher-training and education;
•Participating faculty will gain life-long skills and competency in multicultural education and cultural diversity training that will be sustained after the program ends ;
•Students and in-service teachers participants will gain life-long tools that they can apply when they teach

•Professional ties will be formed will continue to evolve through future programs and projects

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By establishing a multimedia center that will serve as a national learning and resource center, the College seeks to further create and disseminate innovative programs that contribute towards fostering values and behaviors and promote democracy, equality, human rights, and the fight against racism nationwide, preparing future teachers from across the country to be fully capable in studying, teaching, and living by these values.  This multimedia center will offer workshops, programs, and provide resources that engage educators from all over Israel and the Israeli public.
Only by educating our educators, will these values become a reality.