Prof. Hanna Shachar | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך


Reception hours
By appointment
Positions In And Out Of Gordon College
Areas Of Expertise And Interest  
  1.  Cooperative learning in small groups (PBL)  
  2.   School Organization and Change  
  3. Screen culture and the effects on childrens life and learning  
Key Publications  
Shachar, H., Sharan, S., & Jacobs, G. (Eds.) (2002). Asia Pacific Journal of Education Special Issue on Cooperative Learning, 22 Oxford University Press.
Shachar, H., & Fisher, S. (2004). Cooperative learning, and the achievement, motivation and perceptions of students in 11th grade chemistry classes. Learning and Instruction, 14, 69-87.
Shachar, H., Suss, G. & Sharan, S. (2010). Changing organizational culture and instructional methods in elementary schools: Perceptions of teachers and professional educational consultants. Journal of Educational Change 11(3), 273-289.
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