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(2011) Ph. D.  Education Faculty, Department of Learning, Instruction, and Teacher Education,
                  University of Haifa, Israel.
                  Dissertation Title: Teachers of the gifted in Israel: Cognitive aspects of teachers’    
                  professional development programs; Supervised by Dr. Billie Eilam;
                  Reviewed by Prof. Joyce Van Tassel-Baska and Prof. Susan Johnsen.
(2001) M. A.           Education Faculty, University of Haifa, Israel.
                    Thesis Title: Integrative versus specialized frameworks for gifted students: 
                    Satisfaction with school; Supervised by Prof. Shunit Reiter
(1999) Educational Leadership
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Israeli program
(1990) B. A.  English language + teaching certificate
 University of Haifa/ Oranim Academic College, Israel.
2006 Teaching Certificate in Gifted Education, Oranim Academic College, Tivon, Israel, 
summa cum laude
1980 Teaching Certificate, English language, Gordon Teachers’ College, Haifa, Israel.
Positions In And Out Of Gordon College
  Lecturer  (Gordon Academic College of Education, and Arab Academic College of Education). M.A. programs in inclusive education  
  Instruction, learning and teacher education;
Management and M,Teach.
  Senior investigator and representative of Gordon Academic College in
Tempus LLAF Sixth Call of the European Union.
  Head of Curriculum committee, Diplomacy and International Communication, Ministry of Education, English Inspectorate.  
Areas Of Expertise And Interest  
  Innovative teaching strategies  
  Curriculum planning and design  
  Gifted and able students  
  Innovation in education  
Key Publications  
Books and Articles
Vidergor, H.E. (forthcoming). The Multidimensional Curriculum: Innovative strategies teaching learners to take control of their future.
Vidergor, H.E., & Harris, C.R. (Eds.) (June, 2015). Applied practice for educators of gifted and able learners. Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense Publishers.
Vidergor, H.E., & Sisk, D.A. (2013). Enhancing the gift of leadership: Innovative programs for all grade levels. Ulm, Germany: International Center for Innovation in Education Press.
Vidergor, H. E., & Reiter, S. (2008). Satisfaction with school among gifted Israeli Students studying in various frameworks. Gifted and Talented International, 23(1), 39-50.
Kleinbok, O., & Vidergor, H. E. (2009). Grade skipping: A retrospective case study on academic and social implications. Gifted and Talented International. 24(2), 21-38.
Vidergor, H. E., & Eilam, B. (2010). Curriculum transformation: The Israeli teacher certification in gifted education. Gifted and Talented International, 25(2), 29-51.
Vidergor, H.E. (2010). The multidimensional curriculum model. Gifted and Talented International, 25(2), 153-165.
Eilam, B., & Vidergor, H. E. (2011). Gifted Israeli Jewish and Arab students' perceptions of teachers' desired characteristics: A case of cultural orientation. Roeper Review, 33(2), 86-96.
Vidergor, H. E., & Eilam, B. (2011). Impact of professional development program for teachers of the gifted. Gifted and Talented International,26(1-2), 143-161.
Vidergor, H. E., & Eilam, B. (2012). Israeli teachers’ perceptions of teachers’ desired characteristics: A case of cultural orientation. Roeper Review, 34(1), 26-37.
Vidergor, H. E. (2012). Culturally Responsible Research, Teacher Certification and Gifted Education Services:  A response to Persson. Gifted and Talented International, 27(1), 77-82.
Vidergor, H. E. (2012). The multidimensional curriculum model. Exchange, (6), 23-25.
Vidergor, H. E. (2012). School provisions for gifted talented and able students: A response to Freeman. Gifted and Talented International, 27(2), 59-64.
Vidergor, H. E. (2013). A case study of a creative personality. The International Journal of Talent Development and Creativity, 1(1), 125-135.
Vidergor, H. E. (2014). Erika Landau: A lifetime of creativity. Gifted Education International, 30(2), 136-147.
Vidergor, H.E., & Azar, L. (2015). The Case of a Self-Contained Elementary Classroom for the Gifted: Student Teacher and Parent Perceptions of Existing vs. Desired Teaching-Learning Aspects. Roeper Review, 37(3), 150-164.
Barnes, R., & Shaughnessy, M. F. (2015). Interview with Dorothy Sisk and Hava Vidergor: Enhancing the gift of leadership. Gifted Education International, 31.


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