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The Gordon Academic College of Education in Haifa is proud to announce a new Holocaust Education Center that aims to provide future educators with essential  skills for teaching topics that relate to tolerance, respect, and racism.
Thousands of students of education, pupils in high schools and elementary schools, including children with special needs, have greatly benefited from the College’s vast range of programs for teaching the Holocaust. These programs include innovative workshops, interactive exhibitions, field trips that focus on teaching the Holocaust through out of the classroom activities, and community work.





The impact of the College's past programs on the Holocaust has been profound, leading to academic research, increased student engagement in initiating and participating in Holocaust-related programs, and the general public’s involvement in the College’s interactive Holocaust exhibitions.
We seek to expand this Center to offer these programs and resources nationwide to schools, educators, and the entire Israeli public.


Gordon College’s President Professor Yecheskel Taler, as a Survivor with a strong personal family connection to the Holocaust, upholds an unwavering commitment to relay universal values of equality and human rights to the next generation through teacher training and education. This academic center, in the heart of the multicultural city of Haifa, where educators of different ethnicities and religions work and study side-by-side, aims to promote through its programs and the course of study,  a vision of mutual understanding, human rights, and peace.






By bestowing educators across Israel with the guidance, training, and skills to teach tolerance- through the study of the Holocaust to early-age children and up to young adults, Gordon Academic College of Education seeks to foster  
 the awareness that teachers and students should have of their role as responsible, active, and involved citizens in

today's global society.

Our Holocaust Education Program has been supported by the CLAIMS  CONFERENCE ON JEWISH MATERIAL CLAIMS AGAINST GERMANY  . 


view photos from the annual educational tour to Poland

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