MultiColors - Volume 2, 2019-20 | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך
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Click Hava E. Vidergor
Hadas Shelly-Huber
Rhonda Sofer
Honors Students’ Perceptions of a Course Using Project-Based Learning
Addressing Multiculturalism Preparing Them to Pay It Forward
Click Avishag Edri
Henriette Dahan Kalev
Division of Roles in Homeschooling: Desire and Ability to Change Places
Click Leehu Zysberg Agreeableness, Emotional intelligence, OCB and Teachers’ Job Performance
Click Hadas Shelly-Huber Reflection in the Pre-service Education of Preschool Teachers: A
Comparison of the perceptions of Czech and Israeli students
Click Israela Weiss, PhD Values in Hebrew and Arabic books in the preschool curricula in Israel