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The 21st Century has reached Gordon Academic College of Education
Teaching with Advanced technologies


Our vision is to prepare teaching students for the challenges of teaching in the 21st century. Our aims are to promote excellence and train high-skilled teachers, integrating advanced technologies together with innovative teaching strategies into their classroom practice

Our curriculum has been revised to include current educational issues rising from relevant experiences in the virtual and face-to-face environments. Subsequently, in the framework of teacher training programs, we hold a number of unique courses around these issues. As part of the learning process, the students meet experts and entrepreneurs, experience and create knowledge collaboratively as well as individually. Hereunder is a sample of the subjects and learning possesses in these courses: 


Social & Ethical Issues of the virtual world
The course is intended to prepare all student teachers to deal with the significant issues of the 21st century teacher: personal data protection, cyber-bullying, informed consuming, copyright and privacy and more.


Digital and information literacy for academic use
The students in this first year course, study theories of 21st century teaching, experience various technological tools in collaborative and individual learning strategies. Over the course of learning, the students also collect and evaluate information in informed manners, discuss intellectual property dilemmas and create different media content



Integrating Technology into disciplinary teaching
In their second year of studding, the students experience multiple online learning environments and database according to their specialty discipline. The students develop technology-integrated lesson plans. At this point, the student practices teaching and brings the spirit of innovation to actual classrooms


Social media in educational service
In this third year course, students gains deep understanding of the digital media and social world, and learn to promote teaching and learning processes in various social networks. The students become aware to the power and influence of virtual networks on their personal and professional lives


Beyond these courses, and as part of our vision to promote excellence and innovation, we collaborate with technological organizations to offer further specialization to our students


Gordon seeds for Education
A collaborative course between Academic Gordon College and Google Corporation intended for staff members to experience Google tools, learn about innovative instructional strategies, and receive resources to share with colleagues. All that in hands-on workshops led by Goggle certified teachers (read more here)



Concentrated days of learning
In the framework of collaboration with Google, we frequently hold concentrated learning days in Google Israel. Lately, a concentrated day was held for a group of students from the department of communication in our college. The day dealt with current issues as: Journalism in social media era; news content editing in a world of frequent updates; the power of professional photography in light of instant photo-sharing, branding journalists in digital platforms etc



iGordon Program – in collaboration with Apple Corporation
In the coming fall semester, 15 courses will be held in different disciplines (Math, English, Communication, Pre-school etc.). The students and teachers in these courses will be using 1:1 iPads for a mobile, challenging, hands-on learning experience (read more here).


External studies - advanced technologies for in-service teachers

In the framework of professional development courses for in-service teachers, we hold a two-year course for experienced teachers – integrating technologies in teaching. The course is meant for training teachers to teach in a technology-saturated environment and to become technological and pedagogical entrepreneur. The course is learned in the college and practiced in the teachers' classrooms
We look ahead towards the most advanced educational systems in the world, examine new technological directions and accordingly train the future teachers



When Math Meets Art

This site is accompanying a interactive group exhibition that was created following the natural encounter between mathematics and art in the course "When Mathematics meets Art" developed and taught by Dr. Liora Nutov, Gordon Academic College.You are invited to observe the exhibition of original works created by the students during the course. Read more




For us – the future is in the present




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