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”Education is the path. Humanity - the destination”
(A.D. Gordon)

The Gordon College of Education in Haifa ,established in 1953,is one of the oldest teacher training institutions in Israel and has been training K-12 teachers for more than 55 years.The college offers courses of study leading to a teaching certificate, B.Ed. and M.Ed. degrees .


Our Core Values

  • Fostering multiculturalism and acceptance of others.
  • Aspiring to social justice, humanist education, and equality as a springboard for community activism.
  • Strengthening the connection to Jewish heritage and values.
  • Promoting integrity, dignity, and reliability.
  • Encouraging excellence, innovation, and creativity.
  • Creating a culture of responsibility and commitment.


Gordon Academic College is committed to ensuring that all of its students receive
the full benefit of their studies and educational experiences. In the spirit of the
college’s values, we will encourage them to be leaders and groundbreakers and to
have a macro perspective of education in their work.
Gordon Academic College will serve the education community both locally and
around the world, while imparting the generation, application, and dissemination of
knowledge. Gordon Academic College will conduct careful and valuable relevant
research to advance the education system and the enrichment of teachers, leaders,
and pupils. Gordon Academic College will be a school where lifelong learning and
professional growth and development take place, encouraging community involvement
among all of its graduates, employees, and education professionals, from diverse ethnic,
cultural and social backgrounds.


Public figures and educators serve on the governing board of Gordon College


Dr.Aharon Bar-Oz

Chairman of the governing board of Gordon College
Born in Iraq immigrated to Israel 1936
Graduated University of Haifa
High school principal
Past president of teacher union council
Chairman secondary school organization
.Israeli representative to international education conferences Honored by the government of France and the city of Haifa for outstanding contribution in the field of education




Prof.Yecheskel Taler

2011 -  President
Born in Poland immigrated to Israel 1947
 1965 Graduated Hebrew University of Jerusalem
1980 Ph.D University of Pittsburgh U.S.A
2002-2007  Deputy chairman Council of higher Education of Israel
Chairman Israel prize (2005-2007)
1982-1987 Head of Social Work School Haifa university
 1982-1987, 2000-2006 Member of Haifa University senate

2010-2017 Chairman of The foundation of Holocaust Victims


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