Dr. Tami Levitzky-Aviad | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך

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By appointment
2015 Ph.D - The Department of English Language and Literature -University of Haifa (Productive lexical proficiency in L2 over eight years of study: Active knowledge, use and speed of word form recall)
2005 M.A. - The Department of English Language and Literature -University of Haifa (Towards a semi-bilingual dictionary for written production)
2000 B.A. - The Department of Occupational Therapy - University of Haifa
Positions In And Out Of Gordon College
  Lecturer at the English Department - Gordon College of Education  
  Head of the EAP Department - The NB Haifa School of Design  
  Lecturer at the English Department - University of Haifa  
  Lecturer at the English Department - Shaanan Academic Religious Teachers' College  
Areas Of Expertise And Interest  
  Applied linguistics  
  Second language acquisition  
  Second language vocabulary acquisition  
  Corpus-based linguistics  
  Technology and language teaching  
Key Publications  
Levitzky-Aviad Tammar and Laufer Batia (2013). Lexical properties in the writing of foreign languagelearners over 8 years of studies: single words and collocations. In C. Bardel, C. Lindquist, & B. Laufer (Eds.), L2 vocabulary acquisition, knowledge and use: new perspectives on assessment and corpus analysis (pp. 127-142). Eurosla Monograph Series.
Levitzky-Aviad Tammar (2012). Lexical richness and variation in the writing of school-age EFL learners at different learning stages and different educational systems. In Y. Tono, Y. Kawaguchi, & M.Minegishi (Eds.), Developmental and crosslinguistic perspectives in learner corpus research (pp. 159-168). Japan:Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, John Benjamins.
Laufer Batia and Levitzky-Aviad Tammar (2006). Examining the effectiveness of 'Bilingual DictionaryPlus' – A dictionary for production in a foreign language. The International Journal of
Lexicography, 19,135-155.
Laufer Batia and Levitzky-Aviad Tammar (2003). Look-up behavior and word retention as a function oftask type and word relevance. Proceedings of the 3rdAsiaLex Conference, 145-149.


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