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Library's resources include physical and electronic titles in multiple languages, mainly Hebrew, English and Arabi


Books + E-books Collections:

The library's books collections are comprised from different types of books and e books on a wide range of subjects with emphasis on education, teaching and learning topics. As of 2017 there were 260,000 books and e books titles.

Hard copied books can be found in the following collections:


Regular collection

Most of the hard copied books in the library (non-fiction and fiction, text books, children's literature, theses) are incorporated in the regular collection and located all over the library. The location of a specific item should be checked in the library's catalog.

Specifically, books which are part of children's literature, are located in the second floor

Books from the 'Regular collection' can be borrowed for two weeks, with the exception of 'Reserved books'.

Reserved Books
There are two kinds of "Reserved Books" in the library
a. Books marked with a yellow sticker. These books are stored on the library's shelves, together with "non-reserved" books, and can be borrowed overnight from Sunday to Wednesday from 18:00 until 8:30 am the next day. On Thursday, these books will be loaned not earlier than 18:15 until 8:30 am on Sunday.
b. Books "Reserved - Circulation Desk" and "Reserved - Cart" (books marked with a yellow next to blue stripe) will be loaned overnight between Sunday to Thursday from 18:15 to 8:30 the following day and from Friday on 11:45 am to 8:30 am on Sunday.

* In exceptional cases, the duration of the loan will be shorter than indicated above.


Reference collection

The Reference collection accommodates encyclopedias, dictionaries, lexicons, atlases and different guidebooks. They are all marked with a red sticker and cannot be borrowed. This collection is located in the middle of the first floor.
New books:
The library updates its collections constantly. New books that arrive to the library on a monthly basis are being added to the new book collection. This collection is located for display purposes at the entrance to the library, opposite to the circulation desk.
Readers can access a page with further information concerning new books through the “New Books” icon on the library’s website.


E books Collection
The library provides access to thousands of e books in a wide range of topics and genres through the remote access to library's databases.

Ejournals and journals:



The library provides access to thousands of ejournals covering numerous fields of interest, many in full-text, through databases. The majority of the online journals are published in English but there are journals in other languages, such as: Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French and more.

The databases currently available are: ProQuest, Eric, Sage Premier, APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, JSTOR, Index of Periodicals of the University of Haifa, Index of the Szold Institute, Rambi and the Bar Ilan Responsa Project.

Search and retrieval of articles in full-text may be performed using the library's computers or remote access to the databases.



The library holds physical journals and periodicals published in Hebrew, English and Arabic. Items from the printed journals collection are not loanable.

The journals section is located at the left side of the library's entrance As of 2017 there were approximately 25,000 journal and e-journals titles


Media Collection
The library holds a range of audio-visual library materials, such as movies in a variety of topics and CDs that accompany books and games.
The collection is located in media room at the library's first floor.