Prof. Leehu Zysberg | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך
Head of the Research Authority, Gordon College of Education Contact
Reception hours
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Post Doc at Seattle University, WA USA
PhD: Psychology, University of Haifa
MA: Psychology, University of Tel Aviv
BA: Psychology & English lit., University of Tel Aviv
Positions In And Out Of Gordon College
Senior faculty at the Graduate school Gordon College of Education  
Head of the Research Authority, Gordon College of Education  
Areas Of Expertise And Interest  
Organizational Psychology
Assessment, measurement and HR selection
Emotions and everyday function
Emotional Intelligence and Health outcomes
Key Publications  
Zysberg, L. & Nevo, B. (2004). The smarts that counts: Psychologists’ decision making in personnel selection. Journal of Business and Psychology, Vol.19 (1): 117-124.
Zysberg, L. & Berry, D. M. (2005). Gender and students’ vocational choice in   
entering the field of nursing. Nursing Outlook,53(4), 193-198.
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                Journal of Selection & Assessment, 17(1), 1-9.
Kimhi, S., Eshel, Y, Zysberg, L. & Hantman, S. (2009). Getting a life: Gender
                    Differences in Postwar Recovery. Sex Roles : A Journal of
                      Research, 61(7), 554-560.
Zysberg, L. & Rubanov, A. (2010). Emotional Intelligence and Emotional
             eating patterns: A new insight into the antecedents of Eating
             disorders?  Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior , 42:5, 345-348.
Zysberg, L., Zisberg, A & Levy-Laor, A. (2010). Emotional Intelligence in
               applicant selection for care-related academic programs. Journal
                of psychoeducational Assessment,  Published online before print March
               22, 2010, doi: 10.1177/0734282910365059.
Zysberg, L. (2010). Factors associated with satisfaction in career counseling.
                International Journal of Psychology and Counseling, 2(5), 80-84.
Zysberg, L. (2012) Hope in HR selection processes. International Journal of
                Selection and Assessment. 20:1, 98-104.
Zysberg, L., Lang, T., & Zisberg, A. (2012) Parents emotional     
               intelligence and their children’s type I diabetes management. Journal of
                health Psychology, 18, 1121-1128.
Zysberg, L. (2012) Assessment center dimensions predict performance-based
               bonus in business management settings. Psychology, 3:6, 500-503.
Zysberg, L., Kimhi, S., & Eshel, Y. (2013) Someone to watch over me: Exposure to war
               events  and trust in the armed forces in Israel as factors
              in war-related stress. Medicine, War and Survival, 29:2, 140-154
Raz, S., Dan, O., Arad, H. & Zysberg, L. (2013) Behavioral and neural correlates of  
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Zysberg, L & Raz, S. (eds)(2015) Emotional Intelligence: Current evidence from psychophysiological, educational and organizational perspectives. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. *


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