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Positions In And Out Of Gordon College
Areas Of Expertise And Interest  
  Women leadership  
  Women management in education  
  Women management  in the Arab Education  
  Arab Women Managers in the Public Services.  
  Narrative inquiry  
  Social and cultural analysis of narratives  
Key Publications  
Arar, K., Shapira T., Azaiza, F. and Hertz-Lazarowitz, R. (2013) Arab Women in Management and Leadership: Stories from Israel. Palgrave MacMillan Publication.
Arar, K. & Shapira T. (equal authors) (2012). Leading a quiet revolution: Women High-School Principals in the Traditional Arab Society in Israel, Journal of School Leadership, 22, 853-874
Shapira, T. Arar, K. & Azaiza F. (2011). 'They didn't consider me and No-one even took me into Account': Women School Principals in the Arab Education System in Israel. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 39 (1), 25-43.
Shapira, T. Arar, K. & Azaiza F. (2010). Arab Women Principals' Empowerment and Leadership in Israel. Journal of Educational Administration. Special issue: "Globalization: expanding horizons in women's leadership", Vol. 48 No.6, 704-715
Hertz-Lazarowitz, R. & Shapira, T. (2005). Muslim women's life stories: Building leadership. Anthropology & Education Quarterly, 36, 165-181.


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