TEMPUS DO IT | האקדמית גורדון - המכללה לחינוך



DOIT enhances the quality of education in participating Israeli and Georgian Higher Educational Institutions by:
•Designing, piloting and implementing curricular reform which promotes Multicultural Education and Cultural Diversity Training
•Facilitating the exchange and sharing of knowledge among professionals involved in education.

DOIT's principal multi-dimensional program includes design, piloting and integrating into the curriculum of participating universities and colleges in Israel and Georgia. 


DOIT's program also includes:
•Activities outside of the classroom for students which promote inter-cultural relations
•Interactive website and portal,
•A quality assurance plan and implementation;
dissemination of the program

•Piloted programs will be integrated into the curriculum of the Israeli and Georgian participating universities and colleges that specialize in teacher-training and education;
•Participating faculty will gain life-long skills and competency in multicultural education and cultural diversity training that will be sustained after the program ends ;
•Students and in-service teachers participants will gain life-long tools that they can apply when they teach
•Professional ties will be formed will continue to evolve through future programs and projects.




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